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We are a First Class global Real Estate Company, when you want to invest in Africa, be sure to call us first for the most conducive, appropraite, safe and secured properties of any size. In square miles, hecters, acres or Plots. Completed Buildings, Offices, Ware houses, Construction Yards, Industrial Complex etc. Just any type of property you want, how you want it.

About us in brief

Huxon Edge Real Estate is a global Real Estate company also known as Huxon Edge Invest. We source for the best properties for our clients. Any Company that wants to invest in Africa can completely rely on us to find the most suitable properties in the most situable location for them. And anyone who will like to buy a property in Europe, US & Dubai from Africa can completely trust us for good valued investments. You can Invest in Properties in the US and recieve your rent payment in Africa. We also Develop Properties with absolute precision and Manage Projects aptly with full detailed reports. If you want to develop Estates in Africa, Dubai or in the United States, you can sleep off while we handle your projects from scratch to finish.

project management

We aptly Manage Projects with precision giving weekly reports to the projects Owners. We work with world class Certified Professionals / Companies for the developement of each project and our Engineers are always on site to monitor projects and ensure full adherence to specification, maximum quality and effective delivery.


We conduct full-time uncompromised due deligence before we officially present a property as avaliable for sales because we completely understand property sales credibility . And we help clients procure good appriciating properties in good locations. When you need to by a Property call us first.

interior decoration

Tfhe true value of every property lies in the comfort it offers. All funds spent on developing any property in maximally enjoyed when the interior and exterior of the house can be greatly relished. We can completely transform your home or office with affordable funds and give your building the great feel you deserve.

present CORE areas of coverage

across africa

The attraction on Africa is that it is a very vast space with massive undeveloped land space about the only place in the world with the largest room for development. Africa presently promises strong oppourtunies for investment as it is one of the Continents with the highest consumption tendencies. The avaliable buying market in Africa simply indicates that any company that builds its production plant in Africa will be able to supply quicker, faster and cheaper to consumers there beating the gross competiton for the African Market all across the world. There is more than enough land space for all companies that want to build their factories and manufacturing plants in Africa and we promise to make good, appriciable space avaliable to our clients. We verify properties, handle all required intial community delibrations and negotiations and we are known to ensure that clients get required properties at the best, lowest avaliable price.


The quest to visit the lovely resorts in Dubai is growing everyday and yet there is still alot of room for improvement in the hospitality world of dubai, apart from the soul moving architectural designs of some hotels and the elegant hospitality in these posh hotel there are more ideas any investor interesed in the hospitality business can add to it. Dubai's mass production of wears have also grossly helped its hospitality sector as business people pour in everyday with the quest to buy goods made in dubai which are always affordable than goods produced in many other parts of the world. Presently people who frequent very often have realised they can save much more by owning their houses and enjoy the fun and shopping they need; so Estate development is presently hiking and we encourage people to take advantage of it. We can deliver whatever space unit required to either build your own production plant, resort or estate or for any other purpose including your own private home.

  • usa - united states of america

    The United States of America is the most sort after nation on earth and expectedly one of the most restricted zones. Owning a Property offers a lot of National advantage apart from getting rents in dollars. It has the capacity to ease off the rigourous stress of trying to gain access into the country which is what most people crave for. Owning a Property in the US will anytime put you ahead of other with no investment in the country and also increases your desire oppourtunities in the country. We can help you buy, build a property in the US while you get your rents payments wherever you are.

  • europe

    Europe is one of the most organized continents and presently seems to be one of the most calm enviroments with decent, strongly civilized and highly educated people who can maximally form the required work force any company will like to have. There are some many very silent countries in Europe investors are yet to maximise and some booming areas with a good market; areas like London which have tons of Africans in it. If you have dreams of owning a calm English or french home, Europe is the place for it. We can help you source for the right place to suit your needs.